Tekken Dark Resurrection/PSP

Tekken Dark Resurrection/PSP

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Titre EN : Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Date de sortie : 2006-07-25
Joueurs : 2
Description : The power of the greatest fighting dynasty... in the pal of your hands.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection has arrived on the PSP system. Fight with new characters Lili and Dragunov or other favorites including Jin, Heihachi, and Armor King.

-Wireless ad hoc battle with up to 2 players to prove who is the real champion.
-Customize your character with twice the items and share your creation using the Ghost feature.
-Play mini-games in ad hoc mode or individually for a change in the action.
-Stunning graphics on 19 stages of pain.
Audience : T - Teen
Coop : No
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