Romancing Saga/PS2

Romancing Saga/PS2

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Titre EN : Romancing SaGa
Date de sortie : 2005-10-11
Joueurs : 1
Description : Romancing SaGa is a 3rd perspective anime role-playing adventure game with turned-based combat. In this game, the player is 1 (one) of the possible 8 (eight) heroes/heroines available in the game.

Each character has a different main storyline, however choosing either character does not effect much of the storyline, regardless. In addition to different main storylines, each character has a different starting class (optional) which may be altered throughout the game.

Romancing SaGa uses a non-linear storyline. Characters may travel the land regardless of any main plot. The player's party consists of a maximum of 5 characters, of which may be added or removed throughout the game at your discretion.
Audience : E10+ - Everyone 10+
Coop : No