SingStar Queen Jeu Seulement/PS3

SingStar Queen Jeu Seulement/PS3

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Titre EN : SingStar Queen
Date de sortie : 2009-08-04
Description : SingStar games require players to sing along with music in order to score points. Players interface with their console via SingStar USB microphones while a music video plays in the background. The pitch players are required to sing is displayed as horizontal grey bars, which function similar to a musical stave, with corresponding lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen. The game analyses a player's pitch and compares it to the original track, with players scoring points based on how accurate their singing is. Different modes of SingStar may vary this basic pattern, but the principle is similar throughout.

SingStar includes a variety of game modes. The standard singing mode allows one or two people to sing simultaneously, either competitively or in a duet.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game supports trophies, however older versions of the game will need to go online to get the latest patch. Future SingStar games will include the trophy patched game on the Singstar disc.

Track list[edit]
No. Title Length
1. "Killer Queen*"
2. "You're My Best Friend"
3. "Bohemian Rhapsody"
4. "Tie Your Mother Down"
5. "Somebody To Love"
6. "We Will Rock You"
7. "We Are The Champions"
8. "Fat Bottomed Girls"
9. "Bicycle Race"
10. "Another One Bites The Dust"
11. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
12. "Play the Game"
13. "Under Pressure"
14. "Radio Ga Ga*"
15. "I Want To Break Free"
16. "Hammer To Fall*"
17. "One Vision"
18. "A Kind Of Magic*"
19. "Who Wants To Live Forever"
20. "I Want It All"
21. "Breakthru"
22. "Innuendo"
23. "These Are The Days Of Our Lives"
24. "The Show Must Go On"
Audience : T - Teen
Coop : No