DragonBall Z Sagas/Game Cube

DragonBall Z Sagas/Game Cube

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Titre EN : Dragon Ball Z: Sagas
Date de sortie : 2005-03-22
Joueurs : 2
Description : Dragon Ball Z Sagas is a game that tells how the story of Dragon Ball Z began. You play as six heroes from the show such as Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo.

Your mission is to recreate the elements of the Saiyan-Cell Games Sagas. Along the way you must face evil enemies, as well as collecting Z-Coins so you can upgrade some new abilities and moves and Capsules that can give you more fighting power and energy. At the end of some areas their will be a boss that you must defeat such as Raditz, Nappa, Captain Ginyu, Frieza and Cell. Single player mode features three difficulty levels easy, normal and hard.

The game also has a Co-op mode where you can play in Sagas or Pendulum mode. You can select any chapter from the single player mode. It is similar to Single player mode, but the difficulty level is higher.
Audience : T - Teen
Coop : Yes