Twisted Metal 4/PS1

Twisted Metal 4/PS1

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Titre EN : Twisted Metal 4
Date de sortie : 1999-10-31
Joueurs : 4
Description : High-Octane Attitude With A Twist

Sweet Tooth and his pumped-up posse of evil henchmen have taken control of the most explosive freakshow on wheels!
- More than 20 Wicked New Characters and Vehicles with All-New Weapons Get sick with Rob Zombie's Dragula, Roach Coach, Nuke Mobile and more!
- 8 New Multi-Level Warzones with Hidden Levels Go buck wild in interactive arenas like Neon City, Carnival and Sweet Tooth's Bedroom.
- New Car Combat Customization Pick your size, body style, paint design and special weapon. Now savable to Memory Card!
- Monster Graphics and Improved Car Physics Crisp vehicles and lush battlegrounds await. Revamped arcade physics keep you on track for destruction.
- Slammin' Soundtrack Promotes Maximum Mayhem Rob Zombie, Cirrus, Cypress Hill, Skold, Ghoulspoon and One Minute Silence.
- 1 to 4 Player Lunacy with Multi-Tap Support

The #1 Car Combat Game is Ready to Rage!
Audience : T - Teen
Coop : No
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